Traemos un nuevo cuento en inglés para que los más pequeños puedan practicar su inglés. Se titula «Ahmed’s dream», es decir, «El sueño de Ahmed» y es un texto de María Bautista traducido por Kara Gleason y cuya ilustración corre a cargo de Raquel Blázquez.

Pero aunque este cuento en inglés hable de sueños, no queremos que os quedéis dormidos, sino que, con ayuda de vuestro diccionario, descubráis con qué sueña este niño.

Cuento en inglés: Ahmed’s dream

Ahmed lived in a sunny city next to the sea. He was the youngest of four siblings, and the biggest troublemaker. He loved to hide and suddenly scare his mother when she least expected it. He also loved chasing pigeons and climbing trees. He loved to go on walks with Mohammed, his oldest brother, who was twelve years old and knew everything.

Some afternoons they walked to the seaport and they sat watching the boats come and go. They imagined themselves aboard one of those huge ships, crossing the Mediterranean Sea, docking in other cities and other countries.

Mohammed wanted to be a sailor, and Ahmed pictured him as a captain of a large boat, dressed in a blue suit full of medals and ordering
everyone around. Ahmed also wanted to be a captain, but of his soccer team, because he was the best of all the children who played in the narrow alley where they lived.

Ahmed didn’t really like going to school. So when his mom made him stay home and not go outside, Ahmed was happy. But he soon he became bored with being stuck at home day after day, listening to the noise of the sirens and the yelling of the people. It was horrible.

Only his mom left the house occasionally, always to buy food for the family. When she arrived home, pale, exhausted, and sad, Ahmed asked her if the constant noise that came from the sky had anything to do with it.

“They’re bombs” Mohammed told him solemnly.

“If they’re bombs, it must be a war,” thought Ahmed.

Ahmed felt scared.

“We’re leaving,” Mom announced one night.

Everyone silently gathered the few belongings that they wanted to bring with them, and left so early that the sun hadn’t even come up. The sun was just rising as they reached the seaport.

“We’re going on a boat!” exclaimed Ahmed.

The whole seaport was full of families who, like them, wanted to go aboard the ship. Mohammed took his little brother by the hand, and together they managed to board the ship with their family. Shortly afterward, the ship launched.

“Where are we going?” Ahmed asked.

“To a place where bombs don’t fall from the sky,” explained his brother.

Ahmed breathed deeply, relieved.
“And wherever it is we’re going, can we play soccer in the street there?” Ahmed asked.

“Of course!”

Ahmed rested his head on his brother’s shoulder and smiled happily. Before the city disappeared into the horizon, Ahmed began to dream about the new place where there were no sirens or people yelling. And where, of course, the children could play soccer in the street without worrying about anything.

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