¿Estás preparado para practicar tu inglés? Te traemos la oportunidad perfecta: un cuento en inglés sobre un conejo que no es como los demás. Pero a veces ser diferente no tiene por qué ser algo malo. Al contrario, este conejo sin orejas descubrirá muy pronto que esto le puede traer muchas ventajas.

¿Quieres saber cuáles son? Pues coge el diccionario y descubre qué pasa en este cuento en inglés escrito por María Bautista, ilustrado por Raquel Blázquez y traducido por Kara Gleason.

Cuento en inglés: The bunny without ears

That’s what they called him: the bunny without ears.

But Caro did have ears. Two. Pointed with soft fur, like every bunny in the forest.

Caro, unlike the rest, couldn’t lift up his ears.

“Try it Caro, lift them!” His mom told him, the day that all of the little bunnies from school learned to lift up their ears.

“Here I go!” Caro announced happily, while he tried with all his might to lift his ears. “How do they look, Mom? Don’t I look handsome with my ears lifted up?”

But Caro hadn’t lifted his ears even a millimeter. He tried again and again, but there was no hope: his ears still laid flat. This was why little Caro became the joke of the other bunnies.

“Don’t cry, honey, it doesn’t matter,” his mother tried to console him, “You are a different bunny and there’s nothing wrong with that!”

However, Caro didn’t agree with his mother. He didn’t like being different and didn’t like being made fun of. So every morning when he woke up, he concentrated very hard and tried to get his ears to lift up off his back. But every morning he was disappointed to see that he hadn’t succeeded. He was still different from the rest of the bunnies.

In the forest the days passed calmly and all of the little bunnies were happily playing among the trees with the squirrels and field mice. All except for Caro, who spent the day sighing and dreaming of being like the rest of the little bunnies.

One spring afternoon, the peaceful life of the bunnies was disrupted by some hunters with thick moustaches and stern faces. They carried large rifles that made a deafening noise each time they were fired.


Those terrible sounds scared the little bunnies so much that they all tried to hide among the plants of the forest. But as they hid, their pointed ears popped up, showing above the plants. Try as they might to lower them, their ears kept sticking up where the hunters could see them. The bunnies had no choice other than to run away at full speed to avoid the hunters.

Luckily, nothing bad happened and all of the little bunnies returned safe and sound to their burrows.

“I was so scared!” They all yelled. “I tried to hide, but these ears….”

“You are so lucky, Caro! They would never be able to see you.”

From a corner, Caro, the bunny without ears, listened to them with his mouth wide open. For the first time in his life, the other bunnies didn’t make fun of him for being different. On the contrary, they all wanted to be like him.

From that day on, Caro never again was ashamed of his flattened ears. Yes, he was different, but as his Mom said, “There’s nothing wrong with that!”

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